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Among résumé writing, job placement, and our emphatic appeal to our adult clients to attain higher education, WRRP also provides a social learning alternative through tough love mentorship support from a variety of peer networks.

Many mentorship programs fail to identify with clients from the client’s perspective (DOL, 2007), as is the case with many military veterans and many people living with disabilities. Mentorship coming from a peer’s expression of success, care and concern is practical and realistic.

We provide a transformational ethic toward client self-sufficiency. We also mitigate violence by giving clients the mental health treatment they need. The intensity and duration of aftercare should not be fixed but depend on the risks and needs relative to the person. WRRP's mentorship performance is best measured by its capacity to leverage human intellect, lived experience, and humility into the service of inspiring individuals toward that which benefits community.

Become a Mentor
Several WRRP life coaches are peers who have experienced transformation and share advice, compassion, and understanding through non-judgmental and forgiving eyes. For more information about becoming a WRRP mentor contact us.















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