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Our Employment Network program serves eligible Social Security disability beneficiaries, called Ticket Holders, nationwide. We provide employment supportive services that afford Ticket Holders the opportunity and support to prepare for, obtain and retain career ladder jobs that will realistically enable them to leave and remain off of cash benefits. (One WRRP retention specialist--on right--gets her first ticket holder--on left--placed into gainful employment.) Click here to read more about how this program works.





We provide men’s dress attire (name brand suits, sports coats, slacks, dress shirts, dress shoes, etc.) for our male clients who have shown a significant interest in bettering their life. Contact us today for more information.



Mental Health program


      Non-severe emotional disorders (NSED program)              

           .  Peer-mentoring

Using CBT, to include a MRT version of it, our mentors teach evidence-based practices that help clients anticipate and cope with high-risk situations, as well as ways to respect the boundaries of others while protecting one’s own. The life-skills learned are accomplishments that help clients increase several levels of moral reasoning.






Among our JRT programs, we offer a free JRT program that young adult clients and healthy senior clients can volunteer for or otherwise participate in. This JRT program offers skills applicable to the Food & Beverage Industry. Although a current Nevada Health Card is required to participate in this JRT program, percentage based monetary stipends and tips may be awarded to these JRT program participants. Contact us today for more information.


Another JRT program we offer provides the initial and Nevada Medicaid mandatory 16-hour competency and in-services training, to include the CPR required competency.

Although this JRT program is not free, it is reasonably priced for individuals seeking to become Qualified Behavioral Aides and Qualified Mental Health Associates for the State of Nevada. Contact us today for more information.














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